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configure the base-system ( Was: Unidentified subject!)

* Andreas Schuldei (schuldei@uni-bremen.de) [000219 00:22]:
> nm init
> nm: init: File format not recognized
> Even not-staticly-linked files are not executable and return the same error.

I overcame the problem by downloading the base2_2.tgz from
koenig.isr.uni-stuttgart.de and untaring it into the target partition by hand.

Now I can boot the system with the rawhide rescuedisk and end up with a
warning that I attemt to access an unconfigured system.
It tells me to perform the step 'configure the base system'.
But this was the point where busybox's sed had crashed and made further
configuration impossible.

I think I need to configure the base system either by hand (what needs to be
done?) or manage to the configuration skrips from the root disk. What is this
skript called? What should I watch out for?

I think I left the alpha-specific ground now and step on firm debian ground,

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