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Getting an unsupported xserver-svga card to work.

In the documentation for the xserver-svga, it was mentioned:

 Note to Alpha users: Only the Matrox, NVidia, S3 Virge, and Trident drivers
 are provided for this architecture.  This server also does not support TGA

I have a S3 Savage4 PCI card, which is not included in the above list, which
I'd like to try and get working.

I'm assuming that the code for the other svga cards is still in the
xserver-svga-source (which would include the Savage4 code) ?

If so, would it be possible to try and build a version of the xserver-svga
with the Savage4 enabled ? Are there a lot of hidden difficulties in doing
this ?

Thanks !
Geoff Brimhall

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