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Re: Tru64 Executables can't resolve DNS

ettore@fm.sissa.it said:

> Yep. I should have posted to debian-alpha as well, since I'm
> running slink. The problems I have are that it can't stat
> svc.conf. I briefly checked with the libraries from 4.0F and I

You do _have_ an /etc/svc.conf? In that case, how do you know it can't stat

> I've seen this and I don't have ideas. The workaround has been to
> set junkbuster as an http proxy at at the appropriate
> port (5865 for debian). Makes http work, at least.

Yes, I run squid which makes everything work fine except Java applets that
want to make direct connections somewhere. Putting each host you want to
access in /etc/hosts also works, but is not very practical.

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