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For a working snmp, go to the following site and grab the source.  


make install

And you are in business!

Daniel Morriss wrote:
> Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> > It actually works using potato's snmp package and daemon on a potato
> > system.  I tried with both localhost and also an i386 running snmpd (also
> > potato).  How stuck on slink are you with this system?
> I am sort of stuck, in that I want to put the
> SX164's into production, and don't really want
> to have to deal with potato on working systems yet.
> By the same token, I need working SNMP on them too...
> However :)
> Having installed potato's debhelper on slink,
> potato's snmp packages seemed to compile
> and install without a hitch. snmpwalk & snmpget
> at the very least appear to be working,
> and i'll report back once i've had a chance to
> (learn how to) configure the snmpd.
> So, at this stage, problem solved for me, and
> if anyone wants working snmp packages for slink,
> well, they are available. Thanks to the people
> who helped out and gave hints as to which
> direction to go.
> Kind regards,
> Daniel Morriss
> UNIX System Administrator
> Project X Internet P/L
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