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potato debhelper (was Re: SNMP)

capo@writeme.com said:

> The version of the snmp tools in slink is not 64-bit aware. The current
> snmp packages in unstable are ok (they were last I tried).
> You may try compiling them from sources; you'll probably need a recent
> debhelper or some twiddling with debian/rules. Or you may try a partial
> upgrade to potato (just snmp and its deps).

I tried compiling up the most recent debhelper on slink a while back, since
I've been compiling various potato packages from source for a while now,
but it wants a perl Test.pm that I don't have. It seems to exist in the
potato perl5.004 package but I was wondering if I could just find that one
module somewhere rather than rebuild Perl?

Also, here's an interesting question... how will apt do dist-upgrade when
potato actually gets released and I have potato packages compiled from
source installed on my slink machine? Is there anything I should be doing
when I compile these packages in order to make sure that apt will upgrade
them to the potato ones?


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