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Applixware !


This saturday there will be a Linux demonstration in the biggest Dutch
book store. The bookstore is called Donner, and is located in Rotterdam.

I have ordered Aplixware for Alpha (Linux) but is has not yet been delivered.
Does anybody (who lives in The Netherlands !!) have the 4.4.1 Applixware
for Linux on Alpha CD's ?  I would love to borrow them for 1 day, so that I can
demonstrate it: I am one of the 2 people who do the demonstrations.....
(I demonstrate both FreeBSD and Linux: I like anything not being M$.......)

The first problems on alpha have been solved pretty much, thanks to your
help, so it should go nice.
I also take a Netfinity server and a Thinkpad with me (and my Alpha !!!)


"The Tuxomatic 21264-A(TM) with patented Gates-Be-Gone(TM) gets rid of blue
 screens in a flash! It forks! It blits! Look at those fantastic pixels!
 It surfs the web! You could even host an ISP with it!"

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