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Re: Debian 2.1 Alpha installation skipping steps

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 simonst@WellsFargo.COM wrote:

> I finally got the Debian 2.1 Alpha installation going on my AlphaServer/1000
> ("mikasa") via boot/root floppies from the 1999-03-05 cdrom.
> Now the installation process gets confused, jumping to "Next: Reboot the
> System" even though the other installation steps  never came up.  It seemed
> to work OK through the "Install Operating System Kernel and Modules" (talked
> to the cdrom, etc), but then issued the "Next: Reboot the System"
> suggestion.  If I select other items, such as "Install the Base System" or
> "Configure Device Driver Modules", I get a screen flash, and then the "Next:
> Reboot the System" screen.
> Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong (or how to reset or force the
> installation process to work)?

Unfortunately no.  But I have the same problem with my xlt 300, so
apparently this isn't an isolated issue.

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