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Debian 2.1 Alpha installation skipping steps

I finally got the Debian 2.1 Alpha installation going on my AlphaServer/1000
("mikasa") via boot/root floppies from the 1999-03-05 cdrom.

Now the installation process gets confused, jumping to "Next: Reboot the
System" even though the other installation steps  never came up.  It seemed
to work OK through the "Install Operating System Kernel and Modules" (talked
to the cdrom, etc), but then issued the "Next: Reboot the System"
suggestion.  If I select other items, such as "Install the Base System" or
"Configure Device Driver Modules", I get a screen flash, and then the "Next:
Reboot the System" screen.

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong (or how to reset or force the
installation process to work)?

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