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Re: gnome dependancies and X still broken

On Tue 12 Oct 1999, Ron Farrer wrote:

> X: error in loading shared libraries: X: undefined symbol: __syscall

Sounds like the server is out of sync with libraries or something like

> BTW, apt-get still wont upgrade to the potato version of X. Everything in
> my sources.list points to the correct "unstable" directories.
> Any ideas?

I had something similar.

I tried simply installing a new X packge by hand with dpkg; at least
that told me what the problem was (some dependency wasn't fulfilled,
although AFAIK apt should have been capable of handling it itself).
Do you have xserver-common installed. for example? Also try installing
xlib6g by hand.  You might even try reverting to dselect for once :-)

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