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Re: WHy doesn't SRM hold a date (MULTIA)

Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> Hallo !
> <snip>
> >Also I am haveing bad luck setting the SRM date
> >I can set it in ARC..but arrgh
> >In SRM it says in this format or:
> >date [<ddddmmddhhmm.ss>]
> >or
> >date [dddd[mm[dd]]]hhmm[.ss]
> >
> >Wow confuseing no? lol
> >Well I do
> >date [<199910060355.00>]
> >not in the correct format or some thing
> >or
> >date [1999[10[06]]]0355[.00]
> >and it still says un-correct format..??
> >talk about pain in the arse..
> Well, never seen the SRM console in person, but did you try the above
> <emph>without</emph> the square bracktes ? Looks to me as if they
> indicated optional parts, like if you just want to set the time but not
> the date you could enter
> date 1549
> to set you clock to 15:49.

Well yes.. I can set the dern time..but thats wacked
date 199910060355.00  gives me time 19:99:00  ??lol and the date
was un touched even if I reverse it or spred it apart or..lol

someone know?

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