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Re: WHy doesn't SRM hold a date (MULTIA)

Steven Udell <hettar@home.com> writes:

> Well yes.. I can set the dern time..but thats wacked
> date 199910060355.00  gives me time 19:99:00  ??lol and the date
> was un touched even if I reverse it or spred it apart or..lol
> someone know?


"date 100000000000.00"
"date 010000000000.00"
"date 001000000000.00"
"date 000100000000.00"
"date 000010000000.00"
"date 000001000000.00"
"date 000000100000.00"
"date 000000010000.00"
"date 000000001000.00"
"date 000000000100.00"
"date 000000000010.00"
"date 000000000001.00"
"date 000000000000.10"
"date 000000000000.01"

and see what changes. After that you should know what digits sets

May the Source be with you.

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