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WHy doesn't SRM hold a date (MULTIA)


I just noticed something.  Every time I reboot. SRM will
be some other date than when I set it. I got a NEW battery
in it! :( Anyone know whats going on?

Also I am haveing bad luck setting the SRM date
I can set it in ARC..but arrgh
In SRM it says in this format or:
date [<ddddmmddhhmm.ss>]
date [dddd[mm[dd]]]hhmm[.ss]

Wow confuseing no? lol
Well I do
date [<199910060355.00>]
not in the correct format or some thing
date [1999[10[06]]]0355[.00]
and it still says un-correct format..??
talk about pain in the arse..

Someone help with this?
on Multia..

Steve Udell

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