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Re: Memory for multia

On Mon, 4 Oct 1999, Arturo Galvan wrote:

>   They have a single 64MB simm for $100 (great price). Can I add a
> single simm to the multia or should I buy two 32MB simms, which would
> be a bit more expensive ?? (The manual says memory modules should be
> added in pairs).

You definitely need two 32MB simms since the UDB has two banks of two
SIMM slots each.  In most cases, computers using DIMMs are the only ones
that can take singles and use them (except my 164SX....it has banks of two
as well).

>   Has anybody heard about these guys ?? Will their simms work with my
> existing 32 megs ??

Unknown.  As long as it's TRUE parity, it should be fine.  Also see if you
can get the type of contacts to match those in the UDB (usually if you
tell them "gold" or "not gold", that's good enough).


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