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alpha xlt 300 install problems

I realize that some of these problems are pretty nondescript, I am pretty
much just trying to figure out if they are known in the last 15 minutes I
have before I go, as I am needing this computer more and more for my
graduate studies.  If they are unknown I will be happy to post a more
detailed report tomorrow.

1.  When I try to use the CD to boot from as per the instructions in the
readme in the disks-alpha/xlt directory, I get a report from the alpha
BIOS saying pretty much what the warning said when I created the account,
that the OS choice was invalid.

2.  When I complete the install process (either using CD or disks) and
reboot as per the instructions, MILO failes to load the kernel.  I have
noticed the following:

	a.  The kernel, in /target/boot, has a .deb extension.  I check
	    this at the point in the install process immediately before I 

	b.  It doesn't seem to do much with the driver disk, and does not
	    do anything when I pick the configure device drivers section.
	    I assume this is where the problem is, but there are no
            diagnostic errors (at least none that i can see on my blazing
            fast alpha :).
3.  After I reboot the system as per instructions and it fails to load
the kernel, then after I restart the whole process from the beginning, it
starts me almost at the very beginning again (do you want to designate
/dev/sda2 as swap partition, etc.).

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Britton Kerin

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