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Upgrading slink -> potato

OK, I finally got round to trying the dreaded upgrade :-)
After manually upgrading libc6.1 and a couple of related things,
I let "apt-get upgrade" do its thing. I repeated a couple of times
(I have no idea why it kept stuff back; after "apt-get install
random-package" from the list of kept-back stuff it went on and
installed a couple of others, etc.  I then tries "apt-get dist-upgrade"
which went a lot further.

(BTW, wwwoffle has a hardcoded dependency on libc6 :-(  )

Then, suddenly, I noticed that the system time seemed to be bouncing
around in January 1970 !  Repeated invocations of "date" showed Jan 1,
Jan 6, Jan 2, Jan 4, ....
What was wierder is that I touched a file, "ls -l file" also showed a
Jan 1970 date!  And now (after rebooting from my backup root :-), it's
showing an Aug 12 1999 date again !?

I tried this with the kernel on slink's boot floppies (I used that for
installing, as I thought that that kernel probably had the symlink chown
patches in; am I correct?).  Rebooting with vanilla 2.0.37-pre7 (which
had an uptime of 70 days before this) also showed this strange date
behaviour. When I chrooted into my backup root partition, "date" gave
the correct answer. So, something in libc6 is screwed?

I don't dare to run the updated stuff for the time being; can e.g. Chris
or Bart shed some light on this?  Is perhaps a 2.2 kernel mandatory?

Paul Slootman
home:   paul@wurtel.demon.nl    http://www.wurtel.demon.nl/
debian: paul@debian.org      isdn4linux: paul@isdn4linux.de
work:   paul@murphy.nl       Murphy Software, Enschede,  NL

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