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Re: AS200 4/100 install if fd0 not available?

Hmmm...learned something there...the first digit points to a partition.
0 ==> scd0
1 ==> sda1
2 ==> sda2

However, it won't recognize boot/avanti/linux, even though that will boot
from the SRM console.

Any my newer images are on sdb1, which doesn't seem to be amenable to
any number.  8+ ==> sda9 (which doesn't even exist).

Aboot isn't recognizing anything.  Bummer!

Well, more time to work on it tomorrow...

Thanks, though...

> >I'mm guessing that aboot isn't working as specified, since it will only
> >allow kernel name and options, no partition/drive/etc info.
> Hmm. My slink-aboot accepts partition names: 1/boot/vmlinux-2.2.5.gz.
> About your spare harddisk: Be sure to reboot after BSD-partitioning,
> my kernel accepted the disk label only after reboot!
> Sorry, to be so unhelpful (I installed from floppy).
> David

Michael Watson           Unix Systems Administrator
U.S. Coast Guard Aircraft Repair and Support Center
CGAS Elizabeth City, NC                252.334.5269
n6wav@yahoo.com                mjwatson@livenet.net

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