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Command line options for ncr52c810?

Still trying to install Debian on my AS200 without a floppy drive.

The Avanti kernel times out on the ncr53c8xx, during its load from
the CD-ROM.

Does anyone know if and what the syntax might be to change some of
the parameters for this driver (e.g., making it async)?

Unforunately the suggestion to try bootp didn't work, but it won't even
work when trying to load vmunix.  It just gives a "boootstrap failure"

Also, when we do get an aboot> prompt, there's no resemblance between
the standard aboot syntax and what this system does with the info.  It
treats the first word in the command like the name of the bootable image.
Familiar to anyone?


Michael Watson           Unix Systems Administrator
U.S. Coast Guard Aircraft Repair and Support Center
CGAS Elizabeth City, NC                252.334.5269
n6wav@yahoo.com                mjwatson@livenet.net

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