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Re: kernel upgrade

On Fri, 9 Aug 2019, Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:

> 	So, 2.2.9 is not a lost cause for all Alphas, just some it
> appears. Oh, I am running stock Debian 2.1 on my XLT 366. TTYL.	

	Well, it looks like I need to eat some crow here... 2.2.9 is not a
good idea for my Alpha XLT at the very least. While large compilies
(kernel included) work fine, the scsi subsystem has a bit of a temper. I
attempted to do a copy of 500MB (mostly small to medium sized files) from
a single disk to a three disk RAID-0 device, all on the same SCSI
controller. Took the system less than a minute to blow up and crash hard. 
	Also, don't even think about upgrading to 2.2.11... On boot up the
scsi subsystem caused a kernel panic/fault and things were downhill from
	I would heed the earlier recommendation to use 2.2.5. It appears
nice and stable. I was able to do the above mentioned copy twice in a row
with out a single problem. Got an average transfer rate of ~2.6 MB/sec,
which is pretty good considering the source (single disk). Now to see how
the kernel deals with a CD-R. :)
	Hardware specs are XLT 366, 192MB RAM, 6 Fast SCSI disks on an
AHA2940, 1 Fast SCSI, 3 CD-ROMs, and 1 tape drive (soon to include a CD-R)
on a NCR8xxx controller (on-board). And yes, most of the SCSI drivers are
in a seperate case from the rest of the system.

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