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Re: [HACKERS] Re: [PORTS] RedHat6.0 & Alpha

Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:
  >	Actually, I am working with the 6.5.1 tarball, for the simple
  >reason that I want a set of patches I can post on the debian-alpha mailing
  >list, along with the instructions to grab the 6.5.1 tarball from
  >ftp.postgresql.org, apply patches, configure, compile, install, and they
  >are set to go (No need to do a CVS pull, etc).

Hi Ryan,
I'm at a disadvantage here, because I don't have an Alpha and rely on
others on debian-alpha to get postgresql packages compiled for Alpha.
Thanks for your efforts on this.

I just want to comment on what you are saying about generating a Debian
source package.  There will be a problem, because you are proposing to
provide source that will be different from the main 6.5.1 source; however,
the Debian archive assumes that source is identical across all architectures.
This means that the Alpha source for PostgreSQL must not be uploaded to the
Debian archive because it will replace the source for all other 

If this were to be a permanent problem, it could be addressed by renaming
the packages; however, this would cause a lot of trouble to many users,
so I don't want to do that when 6.6 will remove the need for it.

What I propose to do is to disable the Alpha build in the next version of
the Debian package (6.5.1-4) and make it put out information that the
Alpha source must be downloaded from <somewhere>.  I would prefer that to be
in my account at www.debian.org, so that I can incorporate any changes
that go into the mainstream package.

As to producing the Alpha packages, the procedure should go something
like this:

1. Patch postgresql-6.5.1.orig (i.e. postgresql as provided at ftp.postgresql.org).

2. Examine the patches in the latest debian postgresql-6.5.1-x.diff.gz
(where x is the latest Debian release) and merge everything that does
not conflict with the new Alpha patches.

3. Update the version number in debian/changelog to 6.5.1-x.0.1alph and
build the binary packages.

4. Upload the binary packages only.

5. Put the source package in my account (and make sure I have permission
to write it!).

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