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Re: [HACKERS] Re: [PORTS] RedHat6.0 & Alpha

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Oliver Elphick wrote:

> Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:
> ...
>   >	Actually, I am working with the 6.5.1 tarball, for the simple
>   >reason that I want a set of patches I can post on the debian-alpha mailing
>   >list, along with the instructions to grab the 6.5.1 tarball from
>   >ftp.postgresql.org, apply patches, configure, compile, install, and they
>   >are set to go (No need to do a CVS pull, etc).
> Hi Ryan,
> I'm at a disadvantage here, because I don't have an Alpha and rely on
> others on debian-alpha to get postgresql packages compiled for Alpha.
> Thanks for your efforts on this.

	You are welcome. :)

> I just want to comment on what you are saying about generating a Debian
> source package.  There will be a problem, because you are proposing to
> provide source that will be different from the main 6.5.1 source; however,
> the Debian archive assumes that source is identical across all architectures.
> This means that the Alpha source for PostgreSQL must not be uploaded to the
> Debian archive because it will replace the source for all other 
> architectures.

	I am well aware of this, and if I could have avoided it, I would
have. But I decided that the ablity of getting pgsql working on
linux/alpha today out weighted any transient difficulties in packaging
(that would vanish with 6.6 in a couple of months). If you think it was a
bad decision, the fault then is mine. I have been trying for 2-3 years to
get pgsql running right on linux/alpha, and don't want to hold up the best
solution we have had (ever) for another few months. That at least is the
reasons behind my actions.

> As to producing the Alpha packages, the procedure should go something
> like this:
> 1. Patch postgresql-6.5.1.orig (i.e. postgresql as provided at ftp.postgresql.org).
> 2. Examine the patches in the latest debian postgresql-6.5.1-x.diff.gz
> (where x is the latest Debian release) and merge everything that does
> not conflict with the new Alpha patches.
> 3. Update the version number in debian/changelog to 6.5.1-x.0.1alph and
> build the binary packages.
> 4. Upload the binary packages only.
> 5. Put the source package in my account (and make sure I have permission
> to write it!).

	Ok, this I can do. It will take me about a week to get it all
done, but it does appear to be do-able. Most of the debian patches for
pgsql should apply from what I have heard (from debian-alpha people),
except for the palloc one, if memory serves me right. Either way, I should
be able to work through them given some time.
	The only tricky parts are the actual uploads of the binaries and
source code... I am not a Debian developer (maybe someday, when I have
more time), and unless there is an anonymous access to the locations you
list above, I will not be able to upload them. Either provide more details
on the uploading, or I will just put both on my web site, and you can grab
them from there and put them where needed.

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