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Re: compaq fortran compilers -- correction

On Sun, 11 Jul 1999, Luke Shulenburger wrote:

> I made a typo in an earlier email when I said that the installation of the
> compaq fortran compilers (via the debs on their site) created the
> libcpml.so.  What I meant to say is that it did not create this file at
> all.  I tried using the -L flag in compilation to specify the directory
> where the other library files were installed as suggested on the list, but
> the same error messages were still generated upon link time.
> I have since done a minimal install of redhat and installed the compilers
> using the rpms on that setup.  This time the libcpml.so was generated.  I
> copied it over to my debian setup, rebooted and everything worked
> wonderfully.  I think this means that there is a problem with the
> deb that was created for the libcpml package.  I think Christopher
> Chimelis created this package so I am replying to this list because I
> think this is a bug. 

I'll look into this in the next day or two (free time is limited today).
I'll definitely regenerate the debs either way since I want this thing to
be usable :-)


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