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Re: a few questions (heads up for Chris)

Paul Slootman writes:
 > > 
 > > Ironically, I'm not having problems with either more or vi on any of my
 > > boxen.
 > Wierd. You *are* up to date, I guess? :-) I have:
 > util-linux      2.9g-6.1
 > libc6.1
 > libncurses4     4.2-3
 > slang1          1.2.2-2

With these versions is also failing for me, whereas a previous
util-linux works fine, by recompiling with latest source (modulo the
partition.h stuff), this is ok again (I have tried on machine with
different libc, no apparent influence).  
My tests were done with an xterm launched on a Solaris machine, this
maybe be a race condition as sometimes even the buggy more does not
fail (mostly the first time I do "ls -l /dev/ | more).

Do you want me to upload a new version Paul, or do you prefer to do it 
yourself?   Anyway if it is not in the archive or in Incoming I will
compile a "custom one" before generating new base disks.



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