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The freeze and binary-alpha

[ I meant to send this mail yesterday, but the need for sleep defeated
  my feeble defences ]


We (Richard and I) have decided to try and freeze the alpha
architecture, since Guy seems to be busy.  We're new to this and
that's our excuse if things break horribly :-)

Anyway, there are two issues involved with freezing the alpha that
y'all need told about.  First up, is that, alpha people are going to
have to stop compiling out of Incoming.  I don't think this is a good
idea at the best of times, but now, it's definitely not.  If Joe
Porter picks up package foobaz from Incoming which is destined for
`frozen unstable' and compiles it and dumps the result in Incoming,
under the current system, it will be auto-installed into frozen and
unstable by dinstall (This is a Good thing, neither Brian or the other
porters for frozen architectures want Brian to have to needlessly okay
non-source uploads to frozen).  However, if Brian later rejects foobaz
for frozen as a gratuitous upload and installs it only into unstable,
source&&i386 and alpha will be out of sync.  Badness.  So, please,
either don't compile out of Incoming, or if you must then *only* take
packages which are not for frozen.

Second; due to the late stage at which alpha is being frozen, alpha's
sid is out of sync with slink.  Luckily, this is easy to detect
(\begin{pimp}with quinn diff, of course\end{pimp}) and fix.  The fix
is not pleasant though; basically we have to remove all `too new'
packages from sid when it becomes slink, you guys can then recompile
them for potato.  Sorry, if I knew a better way, I would use it.  The
list of relevant packages is appended to this mail.

Sparc is next if any sparc'ers are reading this list.


The freeze was done yesterday and seemed to have worked, and probably
would have, were it not for one small but critical permissions
problem.  Also potato wasn't done right (specifically: binary-all
links weren't all there and t1utils wasn't in potato), but anyway it's
all fixed now and mirrors should be getting the fully correct
*/*/binary-alpha/ tonight.  I hope.


The following packages have been moved to potato because they don't
exist as source packages in slink:

[The `uncompiled' refers to the package's status on i386; I got this
list by running quinn diff with the Packages files for the primary and
secondary architecture reversed]

[Arch: all]
mail/flim_1:1.12.2-1.dsc [optional:uncompiled]
non-free/text/dict-web1913_1.4a-1.dsc [optional:uncompiled]
news/post-faq_0.10-1.dsc [optional:uncompiled]
editors/apel_9.11-1.dsc [optional:uncompiled]
doc/gtk+-docs_0.1998.10.30-3.dsc [optional:uncompiled]
mail/semi_1.11.0-1.dsc [optional:uncompiled]
mail/wemi_1.11.0-1.dsc [optional:uncompiled]
doc/fhist_1.4-1.dsc [extra:uncompiled]

[Arch: alpha]
text/t1utils_1.2.dsc [optional:uncompiled]

The following packages have been removed because they're binaries
compiled from source in potato, not slink:

OLDER: devel/f2c_19971204-3.dsc [optional] (Is 19971204-5 on secondary)
OLDER: graphics/xpaint_2.5.1-2.dsc [optional:X] (Is 2.5.1-3 on secondary)
OLDER: utils/sysutils_1.3.2.dsc [optional] (Is 1.3.3 on secondary)
OLDER: net/linpopup_0.9.3.pre4-1.dsc [optional:X] (Is 0.9.4-1 on secondary)
OLDER: devel/binutils_2. [standard] (Is on secondary)
OLDER: sound/sound-recorder_0.05-3.dsc [extra] (Is 0.05-4 on secondary)
OLDER: devel/cons_1.1-2.dsc [optional] (Is 1.1-3 on secondary)
OLDER: mail/elm-me+_2.4pl25ME+48-2.dsc [standard] (Is 2.4pl25ME+50-1 on secondary)

I chose to remove the above, rather than punt them to potato, because
otherwise you'll have to recompile them and kludge the .changes file
to say `frozen' (as opposed to `unstable').  However if you want them
in unstable, just say, as I kept them around in case you did.

{More updates: cons seems to be a weird package; in frozen it's Arch:
any, in unstable, it's Arch: all.  It's maintainer is also an Alpha
person anyway, I just noticed.  John, please upload a fixed cons to
frozen or someone will have to upload a cons for frozen only for alpha
and sparc.}


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