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Re: kernel 2.1.12[6789] SMP?

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Roberto Lumbreras wrote:

> Someone running a 2.1.126 or later kernel on alpha with SMP
> enabled?
> I'm trying to set up a box (uniprocesor) with a recent kernel, but
> that ones freeze with SMP disabled, and don't compile for alpha if
> SMP enabled.
> Has anybody of you (oh great alpha hackers ;) addressed these
> issues?

There are rudimentary patches available (somewhere) to fix SMP support on
Alphas, but they have not been tested well from what I hear.  That's not
to say they won't work, fyi (news is good thusfar).  Also, when the port
was started, there were NO SMP machines available, so that became a
"later" issue.  Now that MP boards are coming out and down in price, I
would say that we'll be more supportive of it when full kernel support is
added (much like the x86 was when its SMP support was in its infancy).
In the meantime, though, IMO, anyone with even a single-processor Alpha
with an MP motherboard is on their own as far as getting serious info from
the rest of us :-(

BUT, any info from such a person is WELCOME here :-)  I'd personally love
to see some info since I've never even seen one of those m/bs yet.


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