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New alpha owner, (ab)user

 > ...what do I do with MILO to get this sucker to auto boot?  I have left a
 > 3.46 meg partition at the top of the drive because that is recomended in
 > the README file.

Unfortunately, this is still manual, you need to copy the "milo" file
from the rescue disk to this partition. Then you have to configure ARC 
to tell it to boot this file and to add for OSLOADOPTIONS (or similar
name), something like: boot sda2:/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2
assuming your root filesystem is on /dev/sda2 (replace as
appropriate).  milo itself is on another independant partition (for
instance /dev/sda1).

For more information about the ARC configuration step, see the MILO
HOWTO (there is a pointer on



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