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New alpha owner, (ab)user

Ok, so I bought a Multia 166 alpha (ev4, whatever that means?) box from
cpu micro mart, and then got 16 megs of simms and a used 1.2 gig scsi
drive for another $100.

All told this project has cost me less than $225.00.  Not bad for my first
64 bit machine, huh? 

Anyway, I have used (and like) Debian on my pentium 133, and am going to
use it for the Alpha.  I have gotten about halfway through the instalation
process, so I know I can do it, but....

...what do I do with MILO to get this sucker to auto boot?  I have left a
3.46 meg partition at the top of the drive because that is recomended in
the README file.

...Also, what size swap space should I have?  I put it at 128 megs for
the moment, the max?  Is this silly, or what?

The Multia uses an ARC console, I feel it is a bit confusing, but I guess
it should be easy with a little instrucions from you fine gentlemen and


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