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Re: update of the installation disks

>>>>> "Loic" == Loic Prylli <Loic.Prylli@ens-lyon.fr> writes:
  Loic> X-Mailer: VM 6.34 under 20.3 "Vatican City" XEmacs  Lucid

  David> If you can build a Ruffian boot disk I can test it (not the actual install,
  David> just that it boots appropriately etc).

Well, I can do some more extensive testing since that machine does absolutely
nothing  ...obviously :)

  Loic> That would be great, but before building it, I would
  Loic> appreciate knowing more about the boot procedure on Ruffians, given
  Loic> the number of differrent options:

  Loic> 1)
  Loic> I have seen the instruction on
  Loic> http://www.deskstation.com/Linux/install.html
  Loic> which requires ldmilo.exe, milo.ful and osfpal.nh
  Loic> 529da5aa797a222c3b21f60cf8939408  ldmilo.exe
  Loic> 946946f6ab50579156f57bea19168adc  osfpal.nh
  Loic> d9a71ee2c7cb56c9e284305f607b9e5c  milo.ful

Indeed, the Ruffian RH disk contains

nguba@guerilla >>>
~/AXP/Ruffian : mdir
 Volume in drive A has no label
 Volume Serial Number is 7206-AD67
Directory for A:/

ldmilo   exe     37888 09-24-1998  21:53  ldmilo.exe
osfpal   nh      49088 09-24-1998  21:53  osfpal.nh
milo     ful    931124 10-08-1998  10:33  milo.ful
        3 files           1 018 100 bytes
                            439 296 bytes free

Is that on a VFAT fs ????
  Loic> But there are also a new milo and ldmilo
  Loic> b7147b6a28d6e2005e2a9eca2f06f508  ldmilo-ruffian-981020
  Loic> ba40778b6b2b9ac2c9e3a9542ae5391b  milo-ruffian-981020
  Loic> Does these new files remove the need for ospal.nh?

I copied these onto the resc disc and was unsuccessful.

Happy Hacking
Nicolai P Guba
	BT Labs			GNU
	nicolai.guba@BT.com	nicolai@GNU.org

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