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Re: XEmacs again (Was: Re: Alpha problems)

Juhana Helovuo <juhe@bart.ton.tut.fi> writes:

> I did furter experiments with XEmacs 21.0-beta54. It did compile past
> the dumping stage, and began to load elisp-files. Unfortunately the
> xemacs binary was apparently somewhat broken. The compilation attempt
> ended like this.
> Loading /usr/local/src/xemacs-21.0-b54/lisp/auto-show.elc... (2032)
> Loading /usr/local/src/xemacs-21.0-b54/lisp/loadhist.elc... (4808)
> Loading /usr/local/src/xemacs-21.0-b54/lisp/loaddefs.elc... (840)
> Loading site-load... (368)
> Finding pointers to doc strings...
> Finding pointers to doc strings...done
> Dumping under the name xemacs
> Purespace usage: 1280000 of 1280000 (100%).
> Testing for Lisp shadows ...
> temacs can only be run in -batch mode.
> make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/xemacs-21.0-b54/src'
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/xemacs-21.0-b54/src'
> Building finder database ...
> temacs can only be run in -batch mode.
> make: *** [lisp/finder-inf.el] Error 255
> Apparently the produced xemacs-binary still thinks it is the original
> temacs and wants to be run in batch-mode.

Actually not. The temacs is compiled first and then some bytecompiling 
is done. The problem is that temacs thinks that -batch is missing, but 
-batch is given as comandline option. Its also parsed correctly and
noninteractive is set to 1 correctly. temacs still barfs.

May the Source be with you.

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