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Re: Alpha recommendations

>     CPU/OS                   Integer      FP
>     -----------------------  -------  ------
>     Pentium 233MHz, WinNT4:     2.63    2.22
>     Sun UltraSPARC, 350MHz,
>     Solaris 2.6:                3.54    3.11
>     Alpha 164SX, 533MHz,
>     Debian/Linux:               8.17    2.92
> (Tests were performed with GCC 2.7.2 on Pentium and UltraSPARC, and 
> egcs-1.1 on Alpha.)  Clearly my 164SX does well on integer.  The fp 
> results are disappointing, but not suprising since they depend on sqrt(), 
> sin() and cos() which are poorly optimized in glibc.

I heard that some folks are working on sqrt, but what about other fp ops?
I would love to see what my Alpha can really do, especially since I intend
to start a research project with some pretty heavy math in it.  (I intend
to _try_ to manipulate current ray-tracing algorithms to use acoustic
parameters rather than optical in an attempt to model room acoustic
performance, if anybody cares.)  Well, for that matter, what is involved
(generally) in optimizing said operations?  Is it a matter of
reformulating the algorithm, or do you actually need to do alpha-specific

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