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Installing from the net/floppy.

Hi. I've heard there was a script for installing a new system that is
glibc2; but I'm uncertain whether this is for the Alpha or not.  I tried
installing Slink from the net before, only to run into a real big nasty
problem with the glibc2 package and dpkg segv'ing on it.  I've heard this
is fixed...

My question is, "Is it safe?" :)  And particularly, what should I look out
for?  I have an EB164, and already know the boot disks are scrap to me
because of the AIC drivers in those kernels; how will this complicate

Sorrry if these questions seem ignoble or ignorant or both.  Last time I
didn't ask, and got burned.  This time, I'm hopefully a bit wiser. ;)

Hilarion (hilarion@tsunami@x5ca.net)

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