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RE: enhancements to MILO

> I might be able to package this, but it could get hairy.  We'd have to
> figure out how we wanted to standardise the installation onto an existing
> DOS partition, floppy, flash, etc.  It could get ugly.

True, but we have to address this once.
The other possibility is to let the user do it by hand and provide the documentation for it.

In my opinion the easiest way is to let the user create (similar to the swap partition) a Milo
partition. This would be either raw for SRM, or DOS for the ARC/AlphaBIOS.
Floppy would be similar.
How to manage to write MILO into flash  ROM I have no idea, though.(Sounds rather dangerous)

In any case we have to be sure that the user is able to decide what is appropriate for the specific system


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