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Oh, yeah...

Almost forgot...

I recinded the binutils update at the urging of an x86 maintainer.  Seems
they're hesitant to replace a working binutils with an unknown "snapshot".
Now, from what I gather, this isn't a snapshot but rather a full GNU
minor release.  After talking a bit, we agreed that a binutils-ss package
should be created (similar to egcs-ss) and that it could be used to test
binutils snapshots and just urge PPC (who also benefit from this version)
and Alpha users to use that one (I planned on having the package generate
"primary" binutils packages for PPC and Alpha and "ss" packages for
x86'ers).  Upon thinking of this a bit more and given the benefits of this
particular release to us, I just emailed debian-devel to ask for x86
testers on this particular release so I can squeeze this one in before
doing something like that.

I gave them a week to test, so if I hear no complaints, I'll just bump it
up to master and keep all of my fingers crossed that it doesn't kill them
over there.  The way I see it (and Galen also apparently), we're in need
of a new binutils but nobody has stepped up with one packaged.

I'm considering taking the reins of this one, so if there's ANY complaints
or suggestions regarding my test package for binutils, let me know now so
I can know what kind of headaches I'm getting myself into....


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