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Re: On Documentation

On Mon, Sep 28, 1998 at 04:13:10PM -0700, Guenter Geiger wrote:
> 1)  Overview of known systems, boot methods, milo, aboot, SRM, AlphaBios,
> ARC, ...

Also that thing on Ruffian motherboards...

> 2) General installation instructions (creating boot floppies, partitioning,
> steps to be taken after milo started, aboot ??)

I am less certain about this one - this is generic Linux stuff.


On Tue 20 Jan 1998, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> Thanks for the info/additions...I haven't heard from the nano-HOWTO author
> recently, so I'll drop an email with some revisions to him later on.  If I
> don't hear back, I'll take over the nano-HOWTO and update it myself.

Please do update me - my UDB's on the blink, but I am STILL waiting for
a lovely Miata or a PC164 (which of the two, by the way, is the better
creature to get for free or, at most, about US$400 - I am owed favours,
you see :-)?
> 3) Booting MILO with ARC 

I have been promised this by hdogan@griffin.cc.foi.hr... Hopefully soon.

> 4) Booting MILO with AlphaBios

Can _anyone_ write this? I've done this once but it was so painful that I
used the debug monitor to boot thereafter.

> 5) Booting MILO with SRM

This I have on my page:


I will gladly incorporate any and all information, if anyone forwards it
to me...

> 6) A section for each system which needs special attention (regarding
>    builtin graphic cards, boot parameters or whatever)

Yes, please. Miata have had problems with the network card (the one I've
seen had, at least).

In all, I hope to find the time to work on that bugger of a UDB soonish.


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