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Installing debian on Highscreen Alpha 5000 / Alpha PC 164LX


I tried to install Debian Linux on our Highscreen Alpha 5000
System. The mainboard is an AlphaPC 164LX. The Problem with this board 
is, that it has a WIN NT Alpha Bios installed. This one doesn´t follow
the instructions mentioned in the MILO HOWTO. What I have done so far

BIOS Revison Number 5.62-1a (Oct 6 1997)

Utilities -> OS Selection Setup
<Insert a new System>
then I get the following mask:

Boot Name: 
Boot File: xxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy
OS Path.   xxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy
OS Options: yyyyyyy

where xxxxxxx means that I can choose entries form a drop down list
and yyyyyy that I can enter text by myself.

The problem is, that I can choose the same Partition in the Boot File
and OS Path selection. So I set the OS Path to a Windows NT Partition
and Path.

After some more hazards the bios accepted my entries and I was able to 
boot milo, and a linux kernel from the rescue disc, which I got from 

> http://lhpca.univ-lyon1.fr/axp/debian.html
> 980705/lx164/resc1440.bin
> 980705/lx164/drv1440.bin

I was able to launch the system, but I cannot set up the network. 

The problem with this is, that the bios offers a network configuration 
menu, where a network card can be enabled disabled. (and although some 
network IP adresses, ...) The card installed is an Accton
FastEthetCombo-TX. The PCI Configuration displays it as a Digital
21140 Ethernet Card. 

The kernel reports the following while checking the card:
> eth0: DC21140 at 0x08000 (PCI bus 0, device 6), h/w address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
> eth0: Cannot find correct PCI device [6] for SROM decoding

In the manual, there is a SROM port reported in the motherboard layout,
entitled as "SROM test port connector"

Any ideas, how to enable the network? Or any experience with this
computer, which we bought from VOBIS/Germany?

And one more: How can I stop the computer to initialize four times the 
Adaptec SCSI card:
- The first time, from the adaptec card bios
- the second time from the Alpha BIOS
- the third time from milo
- and last but not least from linux itself

Thanks in advance

    _/         _/_/   _/      _/          Dirk Luetjens
   _/        _/      _/_/  _/_/           Lehrstuhl fuer Messtechnik
  _/        _/_/    _/  _/  _/            RWTH Aachen
 _/        _/      _/      _/             D-52056 Aachen
_/_/_/_/  _/      _/      _/              Germany

Institute for Measurement Techniques      phone: +49 241 80 78 65     
University of Technology Aachen           fax:           8888 200
                                          email: dirk@post.LfM.RWTH-Aachen.De

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