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Re: Installing debian on Highscreen Alpha 5000 / Alpha PC 164LX


ok, after I used another network card from SMC I coud although connect
to the network. Now the my Debian system is running on alpha. I have
had some smaller installation quirks. E.g. 

- dselect wants to install ncurses3.0 which depends on libc5. I can´t
  stop him doing so, since ncurses3.0 is marked as essential
- ldso depends on libc6
- during the installation of libc6.1-dev I got a few dpkg segfaults. 
  I don´t now why, and I don´t know who I solved this. I think the
problem was related to the modutils package, which installed
/usr/include/linux as a file, and not a directory. Since the postrm
script from modutils although unsuccessfully returned I wasn´t able to 
remove modutils nor to install libc6.1-dev. After a few trys and some
force-statements everything it worked.

Now the machine is playing gnuchess with itself :-) Nice performance



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