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Re: Problems booting on AlphaPC164LX

Thanks for the tip. I have only two DIMMs in two slota out of fours. I'm
going to try to switch them to the other bank and/or trying other DIMMs. I'll
keep you posted.


Ferenc Kiraly wrote:

>         Hi!
> I had similar problems with an AlphaPC like yours. The trouble turned out
> to be the RAM. Linux for some reason couldn't handle the 256M of RAM
> when both banks of SIMMs were full. When we put 256M of RAM all in one
> bank (two 128M modules), Linux worked (and still works) great. We tried
> RAM from several different manufacturers and of several different size,
> but the problem remained the same all the time. Perhaps someone can
> comment on this too.
>         feri.
> > I just got my hands on a brand new AlphaPC 164LX from DCG Computers. THe
> > only problems is that I cannot boot !
> > I've tried booting on the following images (from
> > http://lhpca.univ-lyon1.fr/axp/debian.html ):
> >
> >     sx164: doesn't boot (tops after MILO prompt)
> >
> >     pc164: resets when linux starts
> >
> >     lx164: boots one time out of 4 appox (hangs 3 times out of 4 after
> > unzipping the image "enable virtual memory and jumping into linux
> > kernel). Once booted, I get some "unable to handle virtual address
> > <something>" and it finally hangs. Note that during the boot sequence I
> > get a few "unexpected interrupts"). Also during the boot sequence I get
> > some strange messages when the partitions are scanned.
> >
> > I also tried to boot the debian boot disk with some redhat images: lx164
> > and pc164 boot ok until the ramdisk is loaded and it reboots there.
> >
> > Anyone has any clues ?

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