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Re: Which CD maker to use?

On Tue 18 Aug 1998, Dan Weeks wrote:

> 	We currently have several Linux/Alpha systems running an older
> version of Red Hat for Alpha (4.1 I think) and we run development on a 
> RH 5.0 system.  While these are okay we keep hearing that Debian Alpha 
> is better.  First, is anyone using the Debian 2.0 Alpha distribution.
> If so, how is is for stability (specifically with networking, amd, and 

I don't use amd or nfs on _my_ alpha, but for the rest it's pretty good.
I've always found Debian/Alpha to be much better than Red Hat's version,
even 10 months ago when Debian/Alpha was in a lot worse shape than it is

> nfs)?  Second, we would like to get it on CD, what is the best place
> to get it and what beyond the basic CD do we need to get.  Thanks.

Try http://www.lsl.com/catalog/software/debian-2.0/index.html , they
offer a debian-alpha cdrom.  After installing that you can keep up to
date by pointing dselect at one of the debian mirrors.

Paul Slootman
home: paul@wurtel.demon.nl | work: paul@murphy.nl
http://www.wurtel.demon.nl | Murphy Software, Enschede, the Netherlands
"In my opinion MS is a lot better at making money than it is
 at making good operating systems." (Linus Torvalds, August 1997)

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