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On 18 Aug 1998, Ian Willmott wrote:

> In message "MILO", wojtek@dracula.gda.osk.pl writes:
> > I've trying to install debian on my AXPPCI33,
> > It installs ok,but...
> > MILO detects only 24MB of RAM (I have 2x32MB RAM)
> As far as I can tell, MILO doesn't detect memory size at all on the
> AXPpci33. (Although I don't see why it couldn't; the hardware certainly
> knows this.) It maintains a variable called MEMORY_SIZE in the NVRAM,
> and this defaults to 24M when you first load MILO. You have to set this  
> to the correct value. I set mine to 64M and it works fine. Try 'help
> env' or see the MILO howto:
> http://www.azstarnet.com/~axplinux/milo.html
> > Alpha works VERY SLOW (like 486/33), while it has 166Mhz clock
> > and 1MB cache
> If there seems to be a problem with the cache, it's worth building the
> diagnostic LED board described in the manual to see what's going on. You 
> can get an updated copy of the manual from here:
> http://ftp.digital.com/pub/DEC/axppci/read_me.html
> If you need new cache chips, Alliance Semiconductor sells them very
> cheaply. You need part # AS7C256 for 256K cache or AS7C1024 for 1M
> cache. See their web site for a PDF spec sheet and a list of
> distributors:
> http://www.alsc.com

> > cat /proc/cpuinfo gives strange things like 1024Mhz, Linux_is_great as
> > palcode etc.
> > 
> > I boot MILO from SRM console.
> > 
> > I will try using aboot...
> > 
> > Has anybody else have such problems ???
> If you don't need to run DEC Unix, you can burn MILO into the flash and
> save some memory. See the MILO howto for details.
I know. I will do that or use aboot.

> Ian Willmott
> Northern Telecom
> Ottawa Ontario Canada
> willmott@nortel.ca.nospam.org (remove everything after 'ca' to reply)
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