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Difficulty installing on 'noname' from disks-alpha/1998-07-02

I am installing on a 'noname' (decaxppci33) Alpha using

I have reached step 5 in the

I proceeded through the installation sequence to the point where the
installation suggest making a boot floppy. At this point I attempt to
reboot, as suggested in step 5 of the readme. 

The boot sequence progresses nicely through fsck'ing the hard drive.

After fsck is complete, a message says something about not mounting any
local file systems and 'hangs'. (Sorry I can't be more precise with the
console dialog, the machine is at home and I am at work.)

Can anybody give shed some light on this behavior?

My drive is partitioned sda1:fat; sda2:linux swap; sda3:linux native. 

I am booting the 'installed' kernel from milo with 'boot sda3:vmlinuz

I have milo bootable from the hard drive using the arc console. I have used
it to boot the rescue disk and hard drive. This seems unrelated to the
problem I am having.

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