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dbuild on Alpha?

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Would someone be interested in running dbuild on an Alpha? (An account
on alpha.cistron.nl can probably be arranged.) 

dbuild is my tool for automatically compiling Debian source packages
into binary packages. I'd like it to be run on all architectures, and
am doing the i386 runs myself. I don't run Alpha anymore, but I do use
an account on alpha.cistron.nl to run dbuild on; however, to reduce
my workload, I'd like to find someone else to run dbuild on an Alpha.
The job would require doing the following:

	* mirroring the slink (and partial hamm) source trees

	* installing the newest dbuild, and upgrading when new releases
	  come out
	* running dbuild every so often
	* reading through the log files generated and fixing any problems
	  that are caused by uninstalled packages on the system and such,
	  then re-running dbuild (this requires one to be able to install
	  new packages)
	* reporting bugs on packages that don't build, or on dbuild

	* publishing the failed build logs on the web, if possible (see

If anyone's interested, please mail me directly; I'm not on debian-alpha

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