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AlphaServer 4100

Hi.  I have at my command a DEC AlphaServer 4100 system that I'm trying to
get Linux on.  It currently has the AlphaBIOS installed and enabled.  I
figured out how to boot into SRM.  I found a Redhat disk that will boot on
this machine.  (rawhide-s)  I can't get the root disk to mount though!!!
Is there something I'm doing wrong?  I have tried both Debian and Redhat,
without success.  Also, I've tried mounting the root disk on other (Intel)
machines, and it would not mount there either...  

When it prompts me for the root disk, It starts to mount it as a MSDOS
partition, reads the disk and then gives me a kernel panic, can't mount
root fs on 02:00

Is there anyone else out there that has the 4100 specifically?  


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