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Re: dpkg bug

James Troup (J.J.Troup@scm.brad.ac.uk) wrote on 26 May 1998 02:55:
 >What was done on ia32/m68k et al. is the only decision that makes
 >sense afaics; it allows binary compatibility to be broken at a
 >suitable time (i.e. the next major release of glibc, or whatever).

I understand it. Moreover, hamm is supposed to have kernel 2.0.3[34],
not 2.1.*. So this isn't a problem in hamm. However, this isn't the
case for slink. Therefore I propose this problem to be considered a
bug in slink, and that slink's version of dpkg and libc be compatible
with the new kernel behaviour. Right now the version in slink is just
a link to hamm.


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