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Re: dpkg bug

Anders Hammarquist (iko@netg.se) wrote on 21 May 1998 18:24:
 >> Interesting, but why doesn't this happen on Intel machines??? I've
 >> just installed 2.1.102 on a dual PII and installed manpages without a
 >> glitch...
 >On intel, lchown has the same syscall number as the "old" chown (so
 >there the new syscall is the new behavoir of chown). On alpha, this
 >path was not chosen (possibly having to do with DU compatibility) so
 >binaries (such as tar) which expect chown to act as lchown fail.

Ugh :-( :-(

 >Yes, it's a mess. There probably needs to be a more permanent fix for

Obviously. In fact, linux on the alpha is a mess... There's this
problem, there's no distribution of 2.0.x with the alpha patches
integrated (that's why I'm using 2.1.x)...

Anyway, THIS IS A BUG IN TAR/DPKG/WHATEVER. If the kernel behaves
differently than applications should take this into account!!! I'll
file a bug report for this.

BTW, submitting a bug report for the alpha is the same as for x86?


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