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Re: dpkg bug

Anders Hammarquist (iko@netg.se) wrote on 24 May 1998 18:20:
 >I looked a bit at the code for dpkg, and does indeed do it wrong.
 >Unfortunately, just patching it to do lchown instead of chown will fail
 >(at least on i386/2.0.x). I'd consider this a bug in libc.

Not necessarily. The kernel behaviour changed in an important way, and
it's up to the applications to deal with it. If it fails on x86/2.0.x
but doesn't on x86/2.1.x, x>90, it's an application bug.

What I don't understand is why it doesn't fail on x86/2.1.102. Does
dpkg behave differently on x86? Maybe libc has been hacked for
"compatibility" on x86, and in this case the hack must be removed...

 >Anyway, dpkg needs to call lchown() instead of chown() since that is really
 >what it wants to do. libc should be fixed to call chown() for
 >lchown() iff lchown() fails with ENOSYS. The interim fix is probably
 >to have dpkg call chown() iff lchown() fail with ENOSYS.

I think this is too much of a kludgge. I'd rather the application
check the kernel version, period. Anyway, this is up to the
maintainers. They will have to cope with the kludge later...

 >Who wants to file the bug reports?

I've already done it, it's bug#22748. I'll forward your contributions
to the bug system.


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