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Re: dpkg bug

Joel Klecker (jk@espy.org) wrote on 21 May 1998 23:08:
 >glibc 2.1 snapshots and test releases have code to handle Linux kernels
 >with both old and new chown/lchown behavior (the code is only officially in
 >for x86

First, I don't understand why problems don't appear for x86. I'm
running Debian's glibc with 2.1.102 without problems. For the alpha
everything breaks...

Second, this isn't a library problem. If the kernel changed
applications have to cope with it, for the better or the worse.
Compatibility should have been discussed in the kernel list.

Note that this new behaviour is incompatible with posix, according to
Stevens book, so application maintainers may not be happy.

 >+ When compiling with headers from Linux > 2.1.8x
 >+  it's impossible to run this libc with older kernels.  In these cases libc
 >+  has therefore to route calls to chown to the old chown function.

Wrong. This is a user problem. The kernel has changed behaviour in a
significant way, and it's not possible to hide this from the user. The
solution is to run compatible kernel/glibc versions.


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