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I'm new on this list. I'd like to get some infos how to install debian 2.0 on my

- What exactly do I have to downlaod?
- How can I create my bootdisks (how many, what do I have to copy on which disk, ...)
- Does egcs work on debian 2.0? Of course I'll compile it myself, but has
somebody experiences with this compiler?

I'd be _VREY_ happy about a fast answer, because I want to get rid of my RH 5.0
as fast as possible and install debian.

Thanx a lot!

Bye, Reggie

Reginald Stadlbauer
Pfarrweg 8c, A-8010 Graz,
Austria (Europe)

E-Mail: reggie@kde.org

Homepage: http://boch35.kfunigraz.ac.at/~rs

Telematik Student an der TU-Graz
EDV-Sachbearbeiter an der HTU-Graz
KDE fan and developer :-)

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