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Looks like I'm getting an Alpha - Now what.

Hi Guys,
I'm sorry my first post to this list had to sound so lame. I'm getting 
either a 164LX or 164UX very soon. I want to install debian on it,
because I have quite a few PC's with debian and I love the

Anyway I've read the milo HOWTO so I should be able to boot my system, 
but how do I do a base install? I'm quite familiar with the PC
I'd use the boot/rescue disk, then extract the base2_0.tgz file, then
update the rest with dselect off my network.

I don't see any boot disks, base systems or anything else. Surely I
don't have to use redhat. Been there.

Please get back to me soon, because this is a flash machine and either 
way I'll be installing some distribution of linux the day it
arrives. Can't help myself!

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