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Re: Looks like I'm getting an Alpha - Now what.


Ok, I've got a PCLX164. Here's the deal on how to get it set up:

1) ftp to your favorite debian website (ftp.debian.org for example)

2) go to /pub/debian/hamm/main/disks-alpha (took me a while to find it

3) within that directory, get:

       1997-06-08/base14-[1 through 6].bin

The reason you get the last one is just in case the rescue disk from
1997-08-12 doesn't work. If that happens, just replace the kernel image on
the rescue disk with the newer version of vmlinux.pc164.gz. All of the
rest of the disks your probably familiar with. It's easiest if you rename
the kernel image on the rescue disk to "vmlinux.gz".

4) Once you get to the MILO prompt, things are more or less like the Intel
intallation. type:

boot fd0:/vmlinux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

(I'm told this is similar to redhat)

After that, the Debian boot process should proceed as you expect.

Note about subsequent use of dselect:

To upgrade your system you have to use the path '/debian' and select the
distros 'dists/hamm/{main contrib non-free}'. Otherwise, the scripts can't
find the files you want. Let me know if there are problems. Good luck.

J. Goldman

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