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Re: Looking for an Alpha...


We bought a PC164LX 533 from Lodgepole in March and it works quite well
with Debian. We paid approximately $4000 for a system without a monitor
but a lot of that went for SCSI and lots of RAM. We've had some problems
getting legacy fortran code to run but, if that's not your interest,
everything should work well. I'm not familiar with DCG but you might check
out VAResearch and Microway to see if their prices are competitive
nowadays (they weren't in March but they weren't *too* far off). If prices
are in general low, VAResearch has the advantage that they will install
and support Debian whereas most other companies put RedHat 5.0 on their
machines. On the other hand, while Lodgepole packages RedHat on their
systems, I found the technical support staff to be (unofficially) very
helpful while I was trying to reinstall with Debian. Good luck.

J. Goldman

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