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building/booting kernels:lessons learned


I now have the beta kernel 2.1.101 up and running on my DEC-Alpha box.
I have learned a couple of things the hard way.

(1) IF you want to see the kernel booting up on your console (as it
did under the 2.0.xx and earlier kernels), then you must set


in the make configuration, character group.

(2) You must use the "cp" command, not the "mv" command to copy/move
your compiled kernel executable to a different subdirectory to boot.
This is probably kernel-building 101, but with all the kernels I have
built over the years, I never had this problem before.

Having done these two things, plus builtmem fix on string.h, the
signal.c fix, and comment of SMP=1, the 2.1.101 kernel compiled for me and
I can now execute the DU Netscape 4.05 (see the HOWTO).

Linux:  It's not just for hackers anymore.

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